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Helpers United is committed to empowering surgeons to serve the forgotten and poorest patients in India. Patients usually have two options, either a private hospital or a government funded hospital.  Good private hospitals are often found in rich areas and cater to wealthy clients.  The other option, government funded hospitals, tend to focus mostly on maternity and child care, tuberculosis, malaria, diabetes and AIDS prevention programs. Therefore, those with severe burns or cleft palates often can neither afford nor access the proper care and surgery they desperately need.  They are often referred to several government hospitals for treatment, but these hospitals are ill-equipped to meet their needs. Furthermore, the rotation of doctors and the lack of a centralized medical record database exasperates the patient, and they watch their condition worsen over time. Overtime, they would often fgive up on seeking medical treatment altogether.

In 2017, thanks to a generous investment from a US-based family foundation, the Helping Hands Center opened. The three-story hospital which includes an operating room and rehabilitation facility is now a place of hope and will restore dreams for India’s poorest population. The surgery and care offered through the hospital are made possible by contributions from the community – from people like you.

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