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Helpers United is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting life-changing, reconstructive surgeries for the forgotten people of India.  A father and son surgical team, Dr. Yogi Aeron and Dr. Kush Aeron, have made it their life mission to heal those who are suffering from life-altering deformities. Through the construction of a new hospital in Dehradun, India, thousands of burn victims and those with cleft palates throughout India will receive free reconstructive surgeries and hope for the future.

Dr. Yogi Aeron

Dr. Kush Aeron

Board & LeaderSHIP

Helpers United Board members, Lauv Aeron, Grace Yao and Dr. Scott Corlew

LauV Aeron

Compassion for the poor and needy was instilled into Lauv at an early age. As the son of Dr. Yogi Aeron, Lauv was introduced to his dad’s patients and often helped bandage wounds, passed out food and formed a relationship with the children his own age. Lauv would often connect with his dad’s patients because of his empathy towards his sister Tanu. When she was a toddler, Tanu had surgery to repair a small congenital heart defect, but complications rendered her paralyzed on her right side. She was always a source of energy and delight to the family, and her paralysis was heartbreaking for the entire family. Despite being the daughter of a surgeon who helps so many people, she herself is still paralyzed. It has been Tanu’s journey and story that has inspired Lauv and his family to make a difference in the lives of others who suffer from life-altering and seemingly hopeless deformities.


Lauv is a high-tech entrepreneur and project / process manager. He has a Bachelors and Masters in Software Management from Carnegie Mellon University. He has consulted with various Silicon Valley and Seattle-based companies, including Apple and Microsoft. He has a penchant for running efficient operations and achieving more with less. Apart from his leadership roles at work, he is very involved in giving back to the community through leadership roles in youth sports and local charities. It is Lauv’s desire that this organization will be cost-effective in operations and administration while at the same time broadening its reach to help more people in India. “The new hospital and surgeons are an important starting place, but more is needed. We need immediate help to fund these surgeries so that the burn victims are no longer seen as victims of their accidents, but as the beautiful individuals they truly are, inside and out.” 

Scott Corlew, MD

Dr. Scott Corlew is a plastic surgeon who has spent the last decade working to promote access to surgical care in the developing world.  He left private practice to pursue further training in international health, then served as Chief Medical Officer for Resurge International (formerly known as Interplast).  He now consults in global surgery issues and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Helpers United, ReSurge International, and the Nepal Cleft and Burn Center.  


Prior to practicing plastic surgery, he was a Commissioned Officer in the US Public Health Service practicing primary care medicine and general surgery.  He has degrees from Vanderbilt (BA), Emory (MD), and Harvard School of Public Health (MPH), and he did his surgical training at Emory, University of Maryland, and University of Florida.  Scott currently serves on the editorial board of the Annals of Plastic Surgery and as the Chair of the Volunteers in Plastic Surgery Committee for the American Society of Plastic Surgery.  


As a board member for Helpers United, Scott will review all surgical cases performed by our surgeons in India.  He will also identify continuing education opportunities for our doctors.  Finally, Scott’s position as a plastic surgeon will enable him to utilize his network to identify U.S. surgeons interested in volunteer opportunities at our Indian hospital. 

Grace Yao, Chief Financial Officer

Grace is honored to join Helpers United in their mission to provide life-changing reconstructive surgeries and rehabilitation to those who are suffering from burns and other infirmities.  A certified public accountant for more than 20 years, Grace has worked tirelessly for both non-profit and for-profit entities.  She was active in her children’s school PTA for over 5 years while also volunteering as the annual academic competition committee chair in the Chinese school her children attended. 

"As a mother, it is paramount that my children are afforded educational and life opportunities.  I was in awe when I found out that India has over 300,000 burn cases each year that leads to a life-altering deformity. This can mean a child’s inability to hold a pencil, due to a hand burn, or a man losing his job because he can no longer raise his hands above his head, due to a chest burn. These reconstructive surgeries are game changers! They change the trajectory of people’s lives in a positive way.”

Grace is also passionate about using her accounting experience to ensure fiscal responsibility and accountability for Helpers United.  “For me personally, a charity that doesn’t waste money is one that I can trust.”


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